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Snowy Owls

This winter's major Snowy Owl invasion resulted in a couple individuals wintering in Stratford/Milford at the mouth of the Housatonic River. I had two chances to photograph these birds, the first back on December 22nd during the Christmas Bird Count at Milford Point. I thought I was going to go the rest of the winter without another chance, but I caught up with a cooperative Snowy at Stratford Point a few days ago. Snowy Owl - Milford Point, Milford, CT - Dec 22, 2013 Snowy Owl - Stratford Point, Stratford, CT - Mar 16, 2014  - NB

Florida - March 2014

Just back from an amazing week in south Florida, largely spent on the keys. While not a birding trip, Michelle and I saw some really cool stuff along the way. Here are a few pics. As always, click photos for a larger version. Reddish Egret - Bahia Honda State Park. Michelle noticed a band above its left foot which I have reported; the bird was banded on neighboring Ohio Key in January 2010. Swallow-tailed Kite - Everglades NP Swallow-tailed Kite - Everglades NP poor record shot of a light morph Short-tailed Hawk - Everglades NP American Alligator - Everglades NP American Crocodile - Everglades NP  - NB