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China! May-June 2016

Back two and a half years ago, I spent a few weeks birding China with friends Ian Davies and Luke Seitz. I never did blog about that trip, and I've only just finished going through the photos now! I'm not going to do the whole trip summary thing, but we really enjoyed ourselves as you could imagine. We spent two days birding the Shanghai coast before flying to Sichuan for the rest of the trip. My first time on Asian soil, I found myself even more fascinated by the birdlife than I was expecting. I've already been back to this vast continent since then (Japan last winter) and am tossing around ideas for the next visit. Our entire trip was eBirded, so you can catch our lists and some killer photography by Ian and Luke embedded in those checklists. Here I will post a selection of my own favorite photos, birds, and moments from the journey, arranged chronologically. I've put some notes in the captions for context. Birding the Yangkou Seawall in pouring rain and fog