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Whirlwind Peru!

Recently back from about 10 days in Peru. Friend and still-young birder Jory Teltser had been itching to get away during his trimester break from school, and I was happy to oblige. Jory picked the location and general itinerary. I pretty much just showed up! I arrived in Cusco on the morning of September 14th, grabbed a rental SUV and collected Jory, who had been hanging around Cusco & vicinity with his uncle for about a week. We immediately hit the road for what would be our most ambitious leg of the trip: driving to Lake Titicaca for one night and returning to Cusco the following evening. Thanks to two road closures and a few roadside birding stops the drive took about 8 hours each way. That left us with one morning's birding on the lake near Puno. Our "floating island" Airbnb provided us with birds from the porch at first light, but a boat ride from our hosts provided us with our first major target of the trip, TITICACA GREBE. Titicaca Grebe Plumbeous Rail chick An

Big Day article in Scientific American

If you have followed this blog at all over the last several years, you probably have read a post or two summarizing our annual statewide Connecticut Big Day that we run in May. This year Kate Wong, editor and writer at Scientific American, observed and interviewed us throughout the process. Her feature-length article on the event was published in the current (October 2021) issue of the renowned magazine. Check it out  online, or pick up a copy at your local newsstand or bookstore!  - Nick