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Aug 22-23 - BBC Pelagic Insanity

I guess we should be used to this by now. The BBC August overnight pelagic trip never really fails to produce. With a couple of epic trips in recent years, expectations were high for last weekend's excursion. Somehow we managed to exceed those expectations on many levels. I will leave the full-blown summary to trip leader Jeremiah Trimble, but here are some numbers for you in the meantime: 2 Black-capped Petrel (white-faced type) 28 White-faced Storm-Petrel (nope, not a typo) 23 Band-rumped Storm-Petrel 4 White-tailed Tropicbird (including two immatures over the boat at the same time...a rare age class off the east coast!) 1 Red-billed Tropicbird 17 Pomarine Jaeger (including up to five adults around the boat at one time) 1 Long-tailed Jaeger 1 South Polar Skua 1 Bridled Tern And those are only the highlight species. Many of the more common storm-petrels, shearwaters, and phalaropes were also tallied. I am working on getting out the eBird c