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CT Big Day - May 16, 2018 - 193 species (new CT record!)

The Raven Lunatics were back at it this year on our quest for 200. Our team of Frank Gallo, Dave Provencher, Dave Tripp, Fran Zygmont and myself (no Patrick Dugan for the second year in a row) ran our statewide CT Big Day on May 16th this year, our earliest run yet. We finally surpassed our previous record of 192, which we set all the way back in 2011 . So, yeah, it took us seven years to get back to that level! History : This team has been doing Big Days in CT since 2009, with a couple years off sprinkled in there. Despite not having set a new team record in seven whole years, we have been inching our average forward throughout this process. Now we expect to at least approach 190 every time. As we continue to refine our route and strategy each year, we feel that 200 species is now within reasonable striking distance. It'll happen one of these years, but it's going to take some luck...always a necessary piece of the Big Day puzzle. Scheduling and Weather : Per usual we

2018 Big Day Fundraiser!

Good morning all, This year the Raven Lunatics (Frank Gallo, Dave Provencher, Dave Tripp, Fran Zygmont, and Nick Bonomo) will be doing a statewide CT Big Day. The Litchfield Hills Audubon Society has been kind enough to organize a fundraiser to support their educational programs in conjunction with our Big Day. I know there have already been a couple fundraisers for larger organizations posted here recently. The smaller organizations like LHAS could really use our help, as *100%* of pledges will be put towards educational programs such as their “Audubon Adventures” and Scholarship programs for young people. This is really important to us, as we want some good to come from our efforts, as well as helping offset our carbon footprint as we circle the state in search of birds. Please see the link below for more information and a pledge form. The due date of May 16th is very flexible, so please keep any pledges coming after then! You ca