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Colombia - Western Andes (Cordillera Central & Tatama) - February 4-12, 2023

Colombia, the most bird diverse country on earth, is in the midst of a major ecotourism growth phase. This northern South American country was on my short list of new places to visit, so I was thrilled to join four friends for a full week birding Colombia's western Andes. A full TRIP REPORT by organizer Julian Hough has all the details you'd need to put together one of your own. Here I'll keep it simple and share a few images from our time there! Per usual, click an image for full resolution. As a group we tallied 324 species including 42 hummingbirds and 8 antpittas (6 seen, though only one was seen without a feeding station). Ten out of 10 would recommend :) Collared Inca Buff-tailed Coronet Chestnut-bellied Flowerpiercer Collared Inca Greenish Puffleg Velvet-purple Coronet Velvet-purple Coronet Velvet-purple Coronet Velvet-purple Coronet Violet-tailed Sylph Gold-ringed Tanager Gold-ringed Tanager Ornate Hawk-Eagle Chestnut-crowned Antpitta looking down on Manizales Buff