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Little yellowish jobs

When you spend time in a weedy field in early October, brown isn't the only color you'll be seeing. There are all sorts of little yellowish jobs kicking around. Yesterday morning I had a nice array of late warblers and a Dickcissel, each sporting a bit of yellow. Dickcissel Nashville Warbler Common Yellowthroat Palm Warbler Connecticut Warbler - did not want to cooperate!  - NB

BERMUDA PETREL on the Brookline Bird Club Pelagic (Trip Report)

Below is a copy of our recent BBC pelagic trip report with record photos of most highlights. Yet another hugely successful trip in the books. Here's looking forward to 2020. BROOKLINE BIRD CLUB “EXTREME PELAGIC” September 21-22, 2019 Trip report by Nick Bonomo On the heels of a weather cancelation of our August overnight pelagic trip, we were a bit nervous that the September trip might suffer the same fate. Lucky for us, Hurricane Humberto accelerated into the open North Atlantic, and the Brookline Bird Club would reach the edge of the continental shelf in 2019 after all. Forty-seven hopeful birders boarded the Helen H in Hyannis early on Saturday, September 21 st , in the hands of legendary Captain Joe Huckemeyer and his trusty crew. Capt. Joe informed us that we would face minor residual swell from the hurricane at first, but that seas would progressively calm through the weekend. We had only successfully run a few of these late September trips before, so th