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A cold front and a Corn Crake

After an unseasonably warm and unbirdy October, the first week of November has seen a bit of a return to normalcy. A short-lived cold front over the weekend delivered a nice hawk flight at Lighthouse Point in New Haven, CT, where we tallied three migrating SHORT-EARED OWLS, an impressive number for sure. record shot of one of the day's Short-eared Owls "Rarity Month" is also off to a banging start regionally with this chase-able CORN CRAKE on Long Corn Crake The rest of the year will likely be quiet in this space, as work, travel, and the holidays will keep blogging on the back-burner for a bit. I'll have much more to report after the holidays, though, as three weeks in Australia and two in Japan will deserve some attention :)  - NB

I'm still here...

...just waiting for a cold front, thanks.