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Big Day - 191 species - May 19, 2015

Things have been pretty busy on my end over the past month, but not too busy to squeeze in a Big Day with the usual crew - Patrick Dugan, Frank Gallo, Dave Tripp, and Fran Zygmont. Below is a brief synopsis. History : This was our sixth year (out of the past seven) as a Big Day team in Connecticut, and we have slowly but steadily improved since we started back in 2009. There have been peaks and valleys, but overall we have been gradually raising our average over the years. Our totals are as follows: 2009 - 177 2010 - 185 2011 - 192 (CT state record) 2012 - off year for me 2013 - 186 2014 - 188, 188 (two separate days) 2015 - 191 Scouting : This year our scouting was collectively less extensive than it usually is. I personally was more limited than ever, but still managed to free up enough time to give a solid effort. Having less time forces you to be more focused and efficient with your scouting, which meant less exploring of new areas and a greater percentage of time focus