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Weather to watch for this weekend

UPDATE: This was a total dud. Nothing happened... ORIGINAL POST: The past couple weeks of weather have been quiet around here. Not surprisingly, no major rarity fallouts, though there has been a slow trickle of 'megas' during the first half of November AKA 'rarity month.' Looks like there will be a potent low that will track through the upper midwest and then northeast into Ontario. The track is similar to last November's storm that brought the unprecedented Franklin's Gull fallout and large numbers of Cave Swallows to the northeast, but a week later. Not sure how strong the storm will be, or if it will impact New England with strong winds (as of right now, winds are not supposed to be very strong here, but the storm is several days out). It's definitely worth keeping an eye on for this coming weekend. If everything comes together, it could mean an uptick in rarities in these parts. Here are the current forecast maps for Thu-Sun:  - NB

Greenland Canada Goose band info

Back on Oct 10th I observed a neck-banded Canada Goose in Wallingford, 'G73,' that I figured originated in Greenland. I just received the following info from Tony Fox: "This was another Greenland banded Canada Goose, first banded as a female gosling on 18 July 2009 on Lake I in Isunngua, west Greenland, when it was too small to take a collar, so it was simply banded with a yellow plastic leg band(as well as metal band) with the black engraved code GTX.  It was caught again on lake R on 18 July 2014 a couple of kilometres away from its original catch site, when it was decided to add the collar and the leg band was changed to coincide with the code on the collar.  As you will see, since then it is has been a well-travelled bird, with records from Canada as well as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Mass and NY, so it is simply wonderful to find it staging in Connecticut with you this year!"  - NB