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eBird "live" trip reports

I did not realize this until very recently, but you can create a Trip Report in eBird BEFORE your trip, and the report will automatically update as you submit checklists within those dates set by you. In that way it functions as a "live" report. I've never been one to blog during a trip, as I just don't have the time. Heck, lately I don't even have time to post every trip once I'm home! But I am currently at the start of a two-week solo journey through Bulgaria, and I'm trying this report format for the first time. For anyone curious as to what I'm seeing as I go, see the link below. Off to a pretty spectacular start between nailing a couple tough boreal targets and witnessing some fantastic viz-mig this afternoon, though the itinerary has already been adjusted due to weather :). Bulgaria - eBird Trip Report  - Nick