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Aug 25-26 BBC Pelagic Mega Rarities

The Brookline Bird Club's overnight deep water pelagic, which took place this past weekend, may go down as the best dedicated pelagic trip in New England history. It's biggest highlights were 1 or 2 BAROLO SHEARWATERS, an immature RED-BILLED TROPICBIRD, and ~8 WHITE-FACED STORM-PETRELS. Many, many more great birds were seen on this trip (including LT Jaeger, both phalaropes, "Scopoli's" Shearwater, Bridled Tern, many Band-rumps, etc etc), but I wanted to post photos of a few of the most impressive sightings ASAP. The Barolo sightings came over the same chum slick about 90 minutes apart. Photo analysis may or may not reveal anything definitive as to whether there were one or two birds involved. Perhaps more regular out there than previously thought! Barolo Shearwater at dawn Barolo Shearwater sighting #2, in much different lighting conditions The t-bird stunned pretty much everyone as it approached from the stern and made several passes directly

WY & MT - The colors of Yellowstone (3 of 3)

Here are a few select videos:  - NB

WY & MT - The colors of Yellowstone (2 of 3)

Carolyn next to a small erupting geyser mud pot  - NB

WY & MT - The colors of Yellowstone (1 of 3)

Of all the wildlife and scenery we saw on this trip, Yellowstone's geothermal features might have to take top billing. All the descriptive reading in the world couldn't have prepared me for this experience - you just have to be there to fully appreciate it. From geysers to hot springs, from steam vents to mud pots, Yellowstone has it all. Here are a bunch of photos. Click for larger sizes.   - NB