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Fine Art Prints for Sale!

I've finally gotten around to making some of my favorite images available for purchase as fine art prints.  All prints are made on professional grade giclee satin luster paper and feature archival fade-resistant pigmented inks, meant to last a lifetime.  Custom requests are welcome. Visit MY ONLINE STORE  for a look! CLICK HERE to access store. Also please feel free to contact me about printing any image featured on this blog :) Instagram: @NaturallyNickPhotos -Nick

Norwegian Double Dip! March 2022 and June 2023 (Part 1 of 2: March 2022)

Back in early 2022, as travel was beginning to regain steam after the height of the pandemic, I was looking for a solo northern adventure that would offer an opportunity to view the aurora borealis, a natural phenomenon that I had been wanting to observe for some time. Early Spring was an appealing time because, as much as I wanted to experience the lights, I had little interest in spending an entire vacation in darkness. The aurora "shoulder seasons" of autumn and spring hold significant daylight at the high latitudes, enough to combine typical daytime outdoor activities with nighttime aurora vigils. This means little sleep, but the adrenaline is enough to keep you going. The decision of where to go then had to be made. Obviously the destination should lie somewhere in the "Aurora Belt," that area between 60 and 70 degrees latitude where auroras are most often visible. Alaska first came to mind, specifically Fairbanks, but the wildlife throughout interior Alaska in