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Stratton Mountain, VT - Bicknell's Thrush

Michelle Meyer and I had a really nice two days in the southern Green Mountains of Vermont, based in Wilmington, just last weekend (June 20-22). Quiet and relaxing, it was exactly how we were hoping to spend our weekend free from work and other obligations. On Saturday the 21st we hiked a portion of the Appalachian Trail & Long Trail to the summit of Stratton Mountain, elevation 3,940 feet. The round-trip was about seven miles and took us five hours to complete at a leisurely pace including a lunch break at the top. Despite hitting the trail at noon, several birds were still vocalizing. Our hike began in mixed hardwoods and hemlock, with Blackburnian and Black-throated Green Warblers dominating, plus a few Hermit Thrushes and Red-eyed Vireos mixed in. As we ascended we left behind the hemlocks and found ourselves in northern hardwoods. Black-throated Blue became the dominant warbler, and while Hermit Thrushes faded away, they were replaced by Swainson's Thrushes. A peek