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American Avocet @ Hammonasset

Around midday today, while driving into Hammonasset Beach State Park for some beaching, I noticed a large black-and-white shorebird flying well ahead of me over the rotary, heading west. I caught up to the bird, an alternate plumaged AMERICAN AVOCET, as it descended over the Swan Pond. Unfortunately it chose not to land on the edge of the pond, instead flying west and out of the park. I was able to grab one record photo as it was flying away. Perhaps it will turn up somewhere down the Connecticut coast?? American Avocet  - NB

July 29 - Old Lyme to Guilford via land and water

Every year during late July or August we experience our first autumn-like morning here in southern New England...that day when you step outside and feel something that almost resembles a chill in the air. That morning came yesterday. A cold front had moved through the previous day, which by yesterday morning had ushered in a cool and crisp air mass and a WNW breeze. I met Phil Rush and Glenn Williams in Old Lyme at 6:45am and we headed to Griswold Point for some low tide shorebirding. The base of Griswold Point was breached by Hurricane Sandy and is currently passable only on the lower tides. As we walked out, small flocks of Red-winged Blackbirds passed overhead, moving down the coast to the west. Swallows passed, one by one, also migrating. Yep, "fall" is here as far as birds are concerned. Shorebird numbers were probably about average for the date and location, though only the most common species were present. Tern numbers were surprisingly low, except for Least Terns,