See you in December (of '09!)

Well, not quite. But almost.

This week I began clinical rotations, which means that I will largely be a slave to the system for the next 16 months. These 16 months include 14 one-month rotations, during which I will be mainly studying/practicing medicine, eating, and sleeping. The other two months are thesis months, during which I will be researching and writing a 30-50 page thesis. These months are Dec 08 into Jan 09, and Sept into Oct 09. While those two months will still be busy, I will be on my own schedule and able to bird on select days.

In the meantime, feel free to drop me an email to say hello. This blog will be quiet for a while.

I won't be completely out of the picture though. I have a few sick days I could always use to chase a good bird or two.

Take care,


  1. friend became a PA a couple years ago and is currently working at Bridgeport ER. I know how hard it is! Good luck with your rotations.


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