Exciting time of year

I've just returned from a week-and-a-half birding tour to Brazil which was hugely successful. A trip report with some photos will follow in the coming days.

I've come home to notice that we've officially entered that point in the fall when vagrants from all directions become more likely. A quick browse of regional listservs reveal reports of such goodies as Gray Kingbird, the first Cave Swallows, Boreal Chickadees (part of a Black-capped movement), Purple Gallinule, Le Conte's Sparrow, and most intriguingly an unidentified martin in Massachusetts. Combine that excitement with the comfortable temperatures and beautiful foliage, and it's a great time to be outside birding.

I'll be working 17 of the next 19 days before my next period of time off. In the meantime, I'll be working on the Brazil report.

- NB


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