Birders'-only Fantasy Baseball league

For any baseball lovers out there, Scott Kruitbosch of Stratford, CT and I are putting together a fantasy baseball league for birders this season. I had this idea toward the end of last season when I found myself discussing fantasy sports with multiple local birders. Thankfully Scott has taken on the role of commissioner to officially get the league started.

We've filled most of the spots with local friends, but we still have a few spaces remaining as of this writing. We're opening things up to anyone interested in playing. If you'd like to play, email me (you can get my email address from my Blogger profile) and let me know. There's no cash at stake here, just bragging rights.

Also, just for fun, we'll make the results of the league public. I'll provide periodic updates via this blog for those very, very few of you who would care to know :)

- Nick


  1. What is birders only fantasy baseball?

  2. Kimberly, excellent question. As usual, Wikipedia has the answer. Fantasy baseball is:

    We're setting up a league in which birders are the only participants.

  3. Clearly the Minnesota Twins are the best team ever!! hahaha ;)

  4. Kim, I'm always impressed with how the Twins do so much with a limited payroll. The Mets, on the other hand, seem to do the opposite...

  5. Can't wait till the season starts!

  6. yeah, but our best hitters always end up injured halfway through the season... I'm calling it, Morneau will be on the bench mid-July... again.

    and I agree with Alex... I can't wait either!!

  7. Update - as of March 8 we still have space in the league.


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