THANK YOU eBird!!!

Recently back from my CAS trip to Baxter State Park in Maine. I've just entered the results using eBird's NEW and IMPROVED data entry. Wow, is it fast!

The old entry method was, IMO, painfully cumbersome. Being used to Birder's Diary, which is very quick and easy as far as data entry goes, the former eBird method made me want to pull my hair out.

Now I can enter my sightings without having to block out part of my day! It really is a drastic improvement, one the eBird folks should be commended for. The pages load instantly...there is much less's much easier to scan a single column than it is to scan several...navigating the entry forms are super intuitive. Some of the improvements seem small at first but really improve the process.

So, if you haven't gotten into the habit of using eBird yet, this is a great time to try!

- NB

PS - A full Maine trip report will follow here.


  1. Completely agree. I like the 'J' shortcut to jump up to the search bar, really speeds up finding stuff. They really put some thought into it.


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