Go birding this weekend

If you live in the northeastern US and were considering birding this weekend, go ahead and get out there. We've had two recent bouts of strong SW winds around here (good for western vagrants), and we're now finally going to get some good migration weather which should concentrate birds along the coast (particularly at our east-west coastline here in Connecticut). There may be a few rarities mixed in there.

Besides, it's going to be beautiful outside...clear and cool with light winds.

I'll be working, but hopefully somebody finds something good enough to make me jealous that I can't be out there.

- NB


  1. I'm in Nashville and I just saw my first junco the other day. I was thrilled as it usually signals the start of my other winter visitors. We recently had a shift from warm to cool and we're working our way back to moderate before more cooling sets in.


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