Summer plans

Well I'm back from a busy and incredibly fun month of birding trips (FL, AK, NC). This was the first time I tried blogging from the road and found it easy and fun. Apologies for the lack of photos from AK and Hatteras - decided against bringing my laptop so I was relegated to blogging from my smartphone. Photos from all three trips are on their way, probably in reverse chronological order. I should get some seabird photos up very soon.

The rest of my summer sounds much less exciting, but far more relaxing. I have a decent amount of time off from work this summer, thanks to a sweet schedule and previous banking of vacation time. My only real trip will be a week in the Yellowstone NP area in July. Otherwise, I will be taking a couple short road trips. Birding will not be my main focus but I'm looking forward to some western birds in July and the BBC August overnight pelagic. In the meantime I'll be doing local birding & boating here and there. I could use a good rarity chase, so if something really great shows up within driving distance, I will make the journey if the schedule allows.

So stay tuned for photo highlights of recent trips, plus the occasional local birding post.

Hey, less than a month til the southbound shorebird migration begins...

 - Nick


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