Western Kingbird @ Lighthouse Pt

The highlight of a really birdy morning at Lighthouse Point in New Haven, CT was a brief visit by a bright Western Kingbird. During the peak of the raptor flight I spotted a yellow-bellied kingbird flying away to the north. Few folks got on it and views were poor. We thought that we would have to leave it at "Western-like Kingbird sp," but I picked up on the bird again a few minutes later, this time on its way back into the park. After a few circles, it finally landed, teeing up on a distant treetop and allowing for specific identification. I ran for record shots and the hawkwatchers enjoyed scope views before the kingbird disappeared. It was last seen flying hard to the north out of the park.

Western Kingbird

Otherwise, we had a really nice hawk flight today until it shut down around 2-2:30pm. Notable was a new park record 29 Bald Eagles (unless others moved through after I left at 3pm!).

 - NB


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