CAS trip to Ecuador (Nov 2013)

Over the next year I'll be leading or co-leading a few overnight tours for Connecticut Audubon Society. I will keep links to these trips in the sidebar to the right. Join us for high quality birding, culture, and great fun! Nonmembers from anywhere in the world are welcome of course!

Ecuador's Highlands!
November 16-25, 2013
Visit the High Barren Plains, Highland Rainforest, Paramo, Cloud Forest, and Tropical Rainforest eco-systems. Stay at lodges located inside private reserves! Lodges are environmentally friendly and offer outstanding services. With over 1,000 species of birds (60 species of hummingbird) and 300 varieties of orchids, this itinerary offers plenty for birders and photographers. The biodiversity here is stunning. Immerse yourself in all that is Ecuador!

For more information, check out the CAS EcoTravel website and call the office for a brochure!

[Update 8/27/13 - This trip has MANY spaces left and is in danger of not going. Of my three overnight trips for the upcoming fall/winter, this is the one I figured was a shoe-in to go because the birding is nothing short of incredible. Maybe next year!]

 - Nick


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