Sandy Pt - Lesser Black-backed Gull

This afternoon at Sandy Point in West Haven, CT Carolyn and I did not have much in the way of migrant shorebirds, but we did turn up a first summer LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL that was hanging out on the jetty. It was rather far away...way too far for my 400mm lens alone. In these cases, digiscoping still holds some value for me. Some birds are just too far for my lens, even when I use the 1.4x converter. This is why I still try to carry my trusty old Canon A590 IS in the field whenever I'm scoping.

Slim, long-winged, black bill, gray-and-brown upperparts, and white underparts.

just a hint of an inner primary window

here with immature Herring Gull (left), note structural differences

 - NB


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