Just Announced September Hatteras Pelagics

Brian & Kate have just announced that they will be running pelagic trips out of Hatteras on the weekend of September 28th (Saturday) with Sunday being the weather date. If enough interest gathers, they will run trips on both days.

This is potentially a VERY exciting month to get into the Gulf Stream off Hatteras, NC. Most previous September trips have gone out of Oregon Inlet in search of White-faced Storm-Petrel, and as a result only 7 September pelagics have been run out of Hatteras since 1994. The species list is amazing, including the only North American record of ZINO'S PETREL (Sept 16, 1995), plus Trindade, Fea's, Bermuda, and of course the Black-caps - that's five pterodroma species in just seven trips...wow.

Not to mention other rarities & scarcities. This is a great time for jaeger and phalarope migration as well as tropical terns. The counts of Cory's Shearwater at this time of year can be impressive, so it may be a great time to pick up another Cape Verde Shearwater. Hatteras is still looking for its first Barolo Shearwater record, and September seems like as good a month as any.

The only Gulf Stream specialty far less likely at this time of year is Band-rumped Storm-Petrel, which has generally cleared out of the waters by then (but is not out of the question).

So have I talked you into it? Join us! Visit http://seabirding.com/ for signup details.

- NB


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