This is a long-overdue post (I have a LOT of catching-up to do...maybe a winter project).

Back on August 17th I was birding Griswold Point in Old Lyme, CT and was lucky enough to have a juvenile "Eastern" Willet associating with a juvenile "Western" Willet - a side-by-side that isn't often seen so well in Connecticut.

On Western (at rear), note paler upperpart coloration, less contrast between scapulars and wing coverts (less-heavily marked upperparts overall), and subtly more elongated rear-end.

On Western (left), note larger size and longer, thinner bill.

"Western" Willet is a lankier bird overall, while "Eastern" is more compact.

another bill and size comparison

Later on the "Western" Willet broke off to feed a bit closer to where I was standing:

juv "Western" Willet

juv "Western" Willet (Semipalmated Plovers in foreground)
 - NB


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