Frank Mantlik struck again yesterday by finding a bright adult CURLEW SANDPIPER in a small golf course pond along the Stratford, CT coast. This was the first chaseable Curlew Sand in the state in over 20 years, thus unblocking this species for an entire generation of birders. Out of town and unable to partake in the twitch, I was hoping the bird would stick another day. This morning's negative reports were discouraging. The only reasonable play was to wait for the afternoon high tide and hit the local roosts.

I started on the rising tide at Milford Point, where some 150 birds came to roost but could not settle thanks to foot traffic. Even with more tide to come, this felt like a lost cause, so I drove across the estuary to Stratford Point. The roost here held ~500 birds, and the Curlew Sand was smack in the middle. Better late than never! Thanks, Frank!

(click image for higher res viewing)

 - NB


  1. Wonderful capture of a great bird.

  2. I got the bird this morning at Stratford Point about 8am ,Nick.
    Thanks for finding it ,Frank.

  3. absolutely beautiful

  4. Nick, as always, thank you for posting curlew sandpiper. Would you mind IDing surrounding flock in post?

    1. Those are all Semipalmated Sandpipers. Adults coming out of breeding plumage.


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