July update

I've been pretty quiet this month, which means I haven't been doing much birding...Really just the BBC pelagic and a couple of local stops. That's too bad, because the shorebird migration is my favorite time to be in the field. School's just been too hectic. My attempts to get out to South Beach, MA were unsuccessful. A stop at the Charlestown Breachway in Rhode Island with Glenn Williams last week was pretty dull considering the time of year. But enough complaining...the pelagic trip and the Sandwich Tern were nice highlights.

It had been pretty quiet in our region until today's discovery of a ridiculously bright Red-necked Stint at Jamaica Bay. I've noticed that very very few people are birding in CT right now, which is sort of amazing given that we're currently in the peak of the adult shorebird migration. Folks are birding in neighboring states so I'm not really sure what's up here. Maybe folks need a good rarity to be found to break out of those summer doldrums.

August is looking brighter. The first year of PA school is winding down, and they're actually giving us a week off at the end of the month before we begin clinical rotations. I have two more pelagics lined up and plan on doing a couple days of serious shorebirding. The first migrant juveniles should be appearing any day now.



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