Roseate Terns - Griswold Pt, July 18

A quick visit to the Gris on my way to the Cape on Friday resulted in some exceptional views of 6+ Roseate Terns, 4 adults and 2 recently fledged birds.

Adult Roseate with adult Common Tern in foreground. Nice example of how orange-red the basal half of the bill can be at this time of year.

This bird couldn't have fledged too long ago...

Overall the point wasn't terribly birdy. The flock of terns was at ~100 birds, and the expected shorebirds were scattering on the falling tide. There were also several fledged Least Terns along the beach. This may be the most likely location in the state to hold one of those first-summer Arctic Terns that summer in the region.



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