3 Feb - Outer Cape (PACIFIC LOON+)

James P. Smith and I teamed up for a midweek day trip, this time to the Outer Cape. Nothing earth-shattering to report, but we were able to relocated an adult PACIFIC LOON among the throngs of Red-throats at Race Point.

adult Pacific Loon

Alcids also put on a good show...not in numbers, but in quality views. In addition to the hundreds of Razorbills, we had 5 COMMON MURRES (all solitary basic-plumaged birds sitting on the water) and a fantastic prolonged view of a passing THICK-BILLED MURRE with the sun at our backs.

Common Murre 1 of 5

Common Murre 2 of 5

We spent a fair amount of time on gulls. This adult Glaucous Gull was really nice.

adult Glaucous Gull

Race Point Light

Race Point Beach as the weather begins to break

We came across the following [presumed] seal tracks. They led from the water's edge up to the edge of the dunes, where the seal apparently seated itself for a while before returning back to the ocean.

Looking up the beach's slope toward the dunes, one could see the snow-covered seal tracks leading up to the right...then much fresher tracks coming back down to the left.

close-up of seal tracks

- NB


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