Off to CA and AZ (for real this time...)

After postponing my trip last month due to weather, I'm finally leaving for the desert Southwest tomorrow afternoon from JFK. Here's the tentative plan:

Fly into San Diego. Bird SD & environs for 1-2 days, then move east across the Laguna Mtns, and through the Anza-Borrego Desert to the Salton Sea. I'll give a full day to the southern Salton Sea, then birding in Brawley and El Centro on my way towards Yuma. A few stops around Yuma before continuing eastward to Phoenix, then southeast to Tuscon. I'll be based in the Tuscon area for a few days from which I'll bird around southeast AZ. That should keep me busy until my flight out of Phoenix on Feb 24.

My goal isn't to just tick and run. I hope to spend some time studying the more interesting species I run into. This is my first visit to the southwest, and I can't see everything the first why try?

I'll be sure to snap some photos and post the highlights when I get back.

- NB


  1. Man I am jealous. I have.... 74 days =(

    Hope you see some good birds (Red-faced Warb!!).


  2. Red-faced would be nice, but appears to be out of the question in winter. I'm hoping for Rufous-backed Robin though...

  3. Oh yea.... I forgot about that whole rotating earth and season thing. lol

    Well there's still Harris' and Ferruginous Hawks, Prairie Falcon, Caracara and White-tailed Kite.... for raptors!!

    Are you going north enough in SoCal to try for Condor?? I may dare when I get out there....

    Rufous-backed Robin would be an excellent bird there, anytime of year, correct?? I have Aztec Thrush on my target list... in Sibley's it looks like the Aztecs may reach north enough year-round.

    (I can't talk about it anymore... I wish there was a NyQuil 3 Months that I can take and just wake up and leave!!)


  4. Nick,
    Congrats-sounds like an awesome trip!
    I'm going to the southwest this summer-really hoping for Eared Trogon!

    Best of luck! Good Birding-
    Alex B

  5. Give us a shout out if you want some birding companions while in Tucson. Jeff and I are here until March 3..then onto Patagonia for some birding..
    Went to sweetwater wetlands recently..lots of birds..
    If you are around March 13 ..we are planning a BwBTC..birders who blog tweet and chirp outing in Patagonia...
    Sheri Williamson who wrote Petersons Hummingbird guide will be joining us as well.

  6. Good to meet you at Florida and Madera Canyons Nick. Great views of the Rufous-capped Warbler! Give me a shout the next time you're down here.


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