Off to Maine soon

On Saturday afternoon I'll start driving north toward Maine, kicking off 4-5 days of birding the largest New England state. My boreal birding has been nearly non-existent, which is a bit surprising given my location in southern New England.

My big targets are Spruce Grouse, 3-toed Woodpecker, Gray Jay (yep, still need it!) and Red-billed Tropicbird (would be a nice bonus). Black Rail was formerly part of the itinerary but the Plum Island, MA birds may have gone silent if recent reports are any indication.

I'll start with a boat trip to Seal Island in search of the tropicbird, then another boat further downeast to Machias Seal Island for nesting puffins, etc. From there I'll check a few Lubec spots if I have time before heading wayy up north past Caribou. I plan on birding Baxter State Park as I work my way back south. Then it's back home to CT.

I will be sure to post my results here, which hopefully will contain a few pictures of Moose and some fine boreal birds!

- NB


  1. Moose really should be on the target list, at least on a par with the jay.

    Have a great trip!

  2. Good luck, the weather today is a little iffy but tomorrow will be really nice. I rented a place in Lubec a few years back, the area is gorgeous. Hopefully you had enough people to join in the search for the Tropicbird! :)

  3. Enjoy your trip, Nick. Moose, eh? You don't need to leave the state for them, Roy ;p


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