Nov 18 - Lighthouse Point crossbills

A few weeks ago friends Doug Gochfeld, Tom Johnson and Melissa Roach stopped by the New Haven area for a morning's birding. We had some nice birds including continuing "Audubon's" Yellow-rumped Warbler, Oregon-type Junco, and several lingering eastern warblers at East Shore Park. But earlier in the day we observed a nice crossbill flight at Lighthouse Point, with a few dozen of both Red and White-winged seen. Melissa enjoyed some killer looks at her life White-wings. Of those recorded by me and Tom, all Reds were Type 3.

 - NB


  1. HI Nick...Fantastic shots..what a perfect setup to capture the Crosbills..makes for some awesome photos with pine cones and all!!
    You can send them my way, I'd love to see them!!
    I have had the raid of Pine Siskins and Red Polls, so hopefully!!


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