Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shorebirds and random thoughts

The spring shorebird migration is definitely winding down now. Numbers are much reduced from 10 days ago, but there is still good variety to be had. I spent the afternoon sweating at Sandy Pt and Milford Pt, tallying 14 shorebird species including a Whimbrel at Milford Pt. Sandy Point held a first-summer Common Tern, my first in this plumage this year.

Birders have noted a few hundred Laughing Gulls at Milford and Stratford, but there are literally just a handful at Sandy Point.

I wish the Mets didn't suck. This team has about as much life as a Tom Glavine fastball.

There were only 5 skimmers at Sandy Pt today, down from 16 a few days prior. Time will tell if any remain in the area to nest.

Our great run of southern and western rarities continues. Today Rollin Tebbetts found a Scissor-tailed Flycather along the perimeter fence at Bradley Airport. This is the first one in CT in several years. I guess I won't be attending my early classes tomorrow....



  1. At least the Mets must win more than once a week...

  2. not much more than that

    but surprisingly only 3.5 games out of first

    mariners/mets in new york starting tonight. felix versus johan should be fun to watch.