Big Day approaches

The weather is looking fine for our CT Big Day run on Sunday. Right now they're calling for mostly cloudy skies, light winds, low 70s, and a chance of a shower. That's actually quite nice conditions for a big day...too windy kills landbirding, too warm leads to heat-haze on the coast, and too rainy obviously sucks too. Hopefully the forecast doesn't change much.

I've been squeezing in a bit of scouting here and there over the past week. I haven't come up with anything great...Mourning Warbler today being the highlight. When scouting for a Big Day, it's funny how finding a territorial Yellow-rumped Warbler right along your proposed route can make your day!

As a team, our scouting has been better than expected. I actually have hopes we can meet or exceed our total of 177 from last year when we had more extensive scouting. It looks like we're going to suffer from a lack of rarities. CT hasn't seen a truly rare bird in a long time...we're in a bit of a dry spell. That makes things like local breeders and lingering waterfowl that much more important to nail down.

After putting in an 85+ hour week at work, I'll be rewarded with 10 days off, during which I'll be doing the Big Day and hopefully a good deal of you can expect more interesting posts to come for the end of the migration push. Hopefully we can put an end to the rarity drought during that period!

- NB


  1. Hey Nick,

    Good luck with the big day. I've been busy with trips - off to NC this AM so much as I had some good tips for you I don't. Hope you manage to snatch up the record.


  2. Hey Nick,

    Best of luck to you and the team for your run at the record. I definitely know that there is no shortage of talent and skills!



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