Irene update #2

The early returns from the Carolinas and Virginia are in, which took the brunt of it today. Sooty and Bridled Terns were the main component. I'm sure not all reports have made it to the Internet yet. Not overwhelming sightings but at least we know that tropical terns have been entrained.

I spent most of the day along the eastern CT coast between Stonington Pt and Hammonasset. No storm rarities noted, as expected that far ahead of the storm. Black and Forster's Terns were around. There was an American Golden Plover at Hammo.

We should wake up to tropical storm force winds with a landfall on what looks like maybe the CT/NY line around midday? We shall see. Will be birding as the weather allows. Many coastal areas evacuated or blocked off, which will make things tougher than they should be for us.


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