Pre-, During, and Post-Irene photos/video

Here's a collection of a few random images from the peri-Irene period in Connecticut. Sorry, no particularly exciting or mega rare species included here. I kept my brand new camera setup safe and dry during the storm itself. Not all birds here are necessarily storm-related.


adult Pectoral Sandpiper

Forster's Terns

Laughing Gulls

juv Stilt Sandpiper

juv Black Skimmer

adult Little Blue Heron

adult (left) and juv (right) Red Knots with two Sanderlings between

juv Black Tern


plastic bag keeping the dash mostly dry...

watching from the car with Julian Hough

and Post:

Royal Tern (banded)

record shot of Black-necked Stilt

Black Tern

- NB


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