Back in CT

I've been pretty quiet for the past few weeks, but that's not for lack of getting out. I've actually been too busy, in a good way. I spent 9 days in Costa Rica with family, then was back in town for one day before heading back out of town for the holiday weekend. It's been an odd year for me birding-wise. My CT year list stands somewhere around 70 species (!), revealing just how little local birding I've been doing. My schedule should settle down for a bit, allowing me to get out more locally as the spring progresses. I hope to get to the coast while some gulls are still around early this month.

While Apil in New England is often viewed as the calm before the migration storm that is May, there are plenty of rarities possible as our common arrivals trickle into the region. You can just check the nationwide RBA to see that Old World shorebirds are hot right now, with sightings of Spotted Redshank (IN), Black-tailed Godwit (VA), northbound/wintering Northern Lapwings, and Ruff (the first of what should be several) being seen by many. There was also a quiet report of a Common Snipe from Maryland while I was away, but I have not had the time to look for description and/or photos of that bird. Also in season are rare waterfowl; seems like a good year for Tufted Duck in the northeast, and we're now into the Garganey check teal flocks (especially Blue-winged) for this super rare species. The list could go on, including southern overshoots, small gulls, etc etc.

As for the past few weeks, I have some stuff I'd like to get up here, including a few things from Costa Rica (despite it being a non-birding trip), book reviews, app reviews, and even some gulls from our Pac NW trip back in January.

 - NB


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