CTYBC Shorebird Outing

On Sunday, August 30, I spent the day shorebirding along the CT coast with seven members of the Connecticut Young Birders Club. Everyone had a blast, and most of the boys picked up at least one life bird during the day. Shorebird numbers and variety were on the low side for the date, but we still saw some cool stuff. The continuing Marbled Godwit in Guilford was a nice get, and we had several juvenile Western Sandpipers too. But the highlight of the day came just as we were wrapping things up at Sandy Point in the evening, when Jory Teltser spotted a Buff-breasted Sandpiper arrive and land on the flats. Great scope views were enjoyed by all.

young CT birders at Sandy Point in West Haven, not long before a Buff-breasted Sandpiper made their day

I'm looking forward to the next field trip I take with this group!

 - NB


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