Brazil's Pantanal - Oct 2018 with Connecticut Audubon Society

Oct 20-29, 2018

There's probably no more appropriate bird to call this sign home than a Rufous Hornero.

I'm just back from the Pantanal with Connecticut Audubon Society, my second time to this incredible location with CAS. This time I teamed up with local guide Sergio Freitas as we went in search of the best wildlife that Brazil's Pantanal has to offer. This time we took a slightly different approach, going a bit less bird-heavy and focusing on life on the Cuiaba and Paraguay Rivers, those waterways that form the heart of the Pantanal region. We spent two nights at a lodge at the start of the trip and one night in another lodge at the end of the trip, but every night in between was spent on a house boat. During those days while based on the rivers, we took wildlife excursions via small motor boat. This was in the heart of jaguar country, so we stayed in our boats, landing at only one location (Acurizal Reserve). We were lucky enough to encounter 3/5ths of South America's "big five" mammals: Jaguar (great views of three!), South American Tapir, and Giant four species of monkey, two deer species, loads of Capybara, bats small and large, Crab-eating Foxes, Coatis, frogs, toads, lizards, butterflies and dragonflies. We ended up with around two hundred bird species seen, as well.

I will put together a few photo-driven posts to highlight our favorite experiences from our time there.

Consider taking a trip with us soon! Or save your pennies and join me in early 2020 for our scheduled grand Antarctic adventure :)

 - Nick


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