Canon A590IS, low holiday price

For those of you looking for a cheap digital camera, whether for digiscoping or just for fun, the model I use has recently dropped in price. The Canon A590IS is now selling on for just $111. That's pretty darn cheap. I thought I was getting a deal when I got mine in March for $150.

If anyone is going to purchase a camera for digiscoping, I highly recommend bringing your scope to a camera shop so you can see if the camera "fits" your scope well or not.

One of my resolutions for 2009 will be to better learn how to successfully digiscope. Lately I've been having some exposure and/or white balance problems while digiscoping bright white birds such as Snowy Owls and adult gulls. I think it's more of a problem with my usage than with the camera itself, but the Auto mode just doesn't get the job done sometimes.



  1. Nick,

    You might want to try Apeture Priority AP. I never use
    auto mode with my digiscoping or my regular camera system. I also use RAW verses JPEG. You can do so much more with a RAW version and have alot of lattitude in your working version with say Apeture, Photoshop software. Hope this is helpful.

    Mardi W. Dickinson

  2. Funny thing about that, Nick... I did just that yesterday. Since I was using an ancient 3.1 megapixel Sony with a 1" screen, I can see no way in which it'll be a disappointment. My camera (and the Rochester WWTP to test it) will be waiting for me when I get back from California.

    Another thing to try for the white birds is to try adjusting the metering mode. If you've got a white bird against a dark background, it's likely to overexpose the birds with evaluative metering.

  3. Thanks guys for the tips. Ben, you're right-on with the metering. At the landfill the other day I was playing around with center-weighted metering in the aperture priority mode...truer results than with the evaluative metering.


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