Snowy Owl @ Seaside Park

I spent some time at Seaside Park, Bridgeport in the rain this afternoon. Highlights included a Snowy Owl on the rocks that lead to Fayerweather Island, a first-winter Iceland Gull, the usual drake Eurasian Wigeon, and a few Snow Buntings in with the Horned Larks. This is probably the fourth different Snowy Owl I've gotten to see so far this winter.

Snowy Owl at Seaside Park

- Nick


  1. I know it is very old news, but your Snowy Owl video would be worth posting here. Do you have (or can you generate) a higher resolution version than you shared those many years ago?

  2. Good idea Roy. I'll see if I can dig up that file somewhere. That was 3 computers ago!

  3. Sounds like a great birdie day...thanks for sharing.


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