1/30 - adult Glaucous Gull (and ZERO Icelands)...

Took advantage of a rare free weekday afternoon and made a run to the Windsor-Bloomfield Landfill on Friday, from about 12:45 to 3:30. Gull numbers were decent in the 2,000+ range. The best bird was an adult Glaucous Gull, clearly a different individual than this one from December at the same site. Yesterday's Glauc was clearly a larger, bulkier, and larger-billed bird with a blockier head. This is a rare age in CT, where nearly all birds are 1w. This has been a particularly good winter for this species around here...I've personally seen at least 9 of them (2 ad, 7+ first-winter).

I left the landfill shaking my head at the fact that I did not see a single Iceland Gull during my visit. Last January 16th I had 9 Icelands at the dump. This was actually my first-ever visit to the place without recording at least one!

Also present were a first-winter Glaucous and an adult Lesser Black-backed.

- NB


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