Black-headed Gull, Razorbills - Jan 10

I met Glenn Williams and Phil Rusch at 6:30 this morning to take the 7am ferry to Fisher's Island in hopes of a rare alcid or seabird. While we did not luck out with any true rarities, we had 4 Razorbills (1 in CT waters, 2 in NY waters, 1 in both) and a Northern Gannet. One of the razorbills in particular flew right along the boat in great light after sunrise, providing all 3 of us with our best views of the species in the state.

From there I worked my way home, stopping at Hammo first. The only notables here were a Fox Sparrow and a 1w Iceland Gull. I checked the pines for crossbills a few times but struck out. I also checked out East Shore Park for the first time in a while, again hoping for crossbills in the pines...and again missing. But I did have the bird of the day here, a first-winter Black-headed Gull, which I believe was first reported by Turk Duddy on 12/28/08. Given that it's still there today, this bird could be wintering in the harbor.

first-winter Black-headed Gull

- NB


  1. blog surfing and came across your great pictures......keep em coming, I'll have to check back. good luck in med school.



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