unidentified first-cycle gull

UPDATE 4/2/09:
I've received quite a bit of input on this bird from gull-watchers with experience with both European Herring and Vega Gulls. Most feel that this bird would fit in with a flock of "Old World" Herring Gulls if it were seen on the other side of either ocean. However since we aren't sure what smithsonianus is capable of, no one (including myself) is willing to put a name on this bird. Maybe time will tell, but for now it remains unidentified.

In the photos below I have illustrated some of the pro-"Old World" features of this bird:

While birding Milford Pt a few days ago, this bird was among the several thousand gulls present.

More photos, and their original sizes, click HERE.

If anybody has thoughts on it, please let me know.

- NB


  1. Nice annotation to your pictures, very informative.

  2. Hi!
    I sent your link of the mystery gull to the German birding site club300.de, you'll find it under:

    Club300 - Club Forum

    Let's see what comes out of it, some of the members are very experienced gullers.

    Cheers and happy birding trails,

  3. Thanks Jochen, I'll be sure to check it out!


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