LIS and more surprise hawks

Went out on Long Island Sound today with Greg Hanisek for some fishing and birding. One bluefish, a small porgy, but no good birds. Still a great calm day to be out there.

Got home around 3:30 pm and decided to sit in the yard with a beer with an eye on the sky. I was again surprised and impressed with the afternoon hawk flight for the next hour: 7 Osprey, 2 SS Hawk, a Kestrel and a Merlin.

Speaking of Long Island Sound and its lack of pelagics, Tim Spahr (see his migration website) emailed me in regards to the low pressure system slowly tracking up the east coast. He pointed out to me that the pressure gradient between that system and high pressure will result in east-to-northeast winds for southern New England from tonight into Friday. Here in southern CT we may experience 15-20 mph sustained winds at times, and they may even be prolonged. While not a tropical system, this wind could increase our chances for jaegers along our coastline, especially further east. Of course any pelagic species in Connecticut waters is a welcome one. Keep an eye out if you's a fine time of year to be watching the water. This type of weather has also been known to bring a Hudsonian Godwit or two to our state.

- Nick


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