Strong weather

If you live in the northeast you've probably noticed the windy weather we've had for the past couple days. A stiff SW wind is blowing here in CT for the second consecutive day. A couple days ago these SW winds were blowing in a straight line from Texas to the Great Lakes. This is the type of weather that a month from now would bring us Cave Swallows. While likely too early for any Caves (though not entirely out of the question given how they seem to only be increasing around here), we should be on alert for western stuff. Tim Spahr emailed me to let me know that this system is responsible for a few dozen Franklin's Gulls that just appeared in Ohio. We're due for a shift from SW to WNW for the next two days, so if anything is blown this far east we'll have a chance at them, particularly coastally once those winds shift tonight.

- NB


  1. I admire your optimism Nick ;)

  2. Bell's Vireo in NH, Fork-tailed Fly in MA, Vermillion Fly in Ohio (not close, but still...) and a flurry of other vagrants in Atlantic Canada. Time for us to get into the act!


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