NORTHERN WHEATEAR (adult male) in Stratford, CT

Paul Desjardins and Mona Cavallero found a nice adult male NORTHERN WHEATEAR at Sikorsky Airport in Stratford today. I was able to get down there in the afternoon and watch the bird with a handful of others. The bird remained active for much of the time I was there, often flycatching from the fence or chasing insects on the ground.

The bird can be IDed as an adult male by it's striking blackish lores/auriculars at this time of year.

My mediocre photos do not do this bird any justice!

- NB


  1. Much more striking than the Milford bird from 06. I wish that I had a camera for that one. We first saw it perched with 15 feet of us on the observation platform!

  2. That was a great bird. This one was very close at times too! I was just too slow with the camera & scope to get anything too nice.

  3. Trash bird ;) but seriously a real beauty and one of my favorites from the old country - might pop in Saturday to see if it lingers!


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