First Snowfall in Wallingford (White-crowns, GWFG, Snow Bunts)

Early this morning parts of CT experienced a few bands of lake effect snow. It's not very often these snow bands reach CT before drying up. In my neighborhood we had a half-inch on the ground and about a full inch of fluffy stuff on the cars. The snow seemed localized though; nearby Lyman Orchards had nothing on the ground.

I spent a couple hours driving some Wallingford area backroads in search of roadside sparrows and geese in the fields/ponds. Highlights on Cooke Road included 3 imm. WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS and 3 flyby SNOW BUNTINGS. The only unusual goose I found was a single adult GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE all by itself on Pistapaug Pond.

two of three immature White-crowned Sparrows along Cooke Rd

adult Greater White-fronted Goose

- NB


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