Mountain Bluebird photos from Rollin Tebbetts

This afternoon Rollin Tebbetts found and photographed a MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD at Bradley International Airport in CT. I am posting his photos here for folks to see since Rollin does not have an online photo gallery.

Mountain Bluebird (photos copyright Rollin Tebbetts 2010)

Thanks Rollin!


  1. Awesome pictures. Connecticut's 'purple patch' continues.

    Great record!


  2. Super photos and fantastic find of a bird
    to Rollin Tebbetts! Congrats!

  3. Why'd you get rid of the blogroll?

  4. "Anonymous":

    Nice catch. Looks like it was accidentally deleted when I rearranged the blog the other day. It'll be back up soon.

  5. Great photos! I am sorry I missed driving the 11/2 hours it would have taken me to get to Bradley's.

  6. NIce shot Neil, I love the Mountain Bluebirds. We have the Eastern Bluebirds where I live in South Carolina. I would think you might have the Eastern Bluebird where you are too.

    Found your site hunting around for Mountain Bluebirds on Google. Since site and great pictures.

    I started a blog a few weeks ago and I have posted a few pictures of Eastern Bluebirds. I dont have nice equipment like you do so my images aren't as good.

    Bluebirds Eating Live Mealworms


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